SIMPLE, Modern, and authentic

The name for Auderie Photography was inspired by a combination of the words "audere", Latin for "be bold" and "Auderie", French for the name Audrie or Audrey, meaning "noble strength."

Auderie Photography specializes in modern boudoir, maternity and family photography that is feminine and soft, yet strong and bold like the women I serve. I aim to highlight the beauty of new life in a way that is authentic, unapologetic, and embraces feminine energy. All photo sessions are done indoors at a natural light studio in San Francisco, CA.

Hi there! I'm Erika, a San Francisco native and a single mother of a 3.5-year-old. Prior to becoming a mother, I was an Etsy small biz owner, elementary teacher and worked in both the non-profit and e-commerce fields.

I guess you can say I'm multi-passionate, but one thing that has never wavered for me is photography. Photography has been an interest of mine since the days of disposable cameras (yes, I'm from THAT generation), but 2022 is the year that (after several traumatic incidents in my life - one including losing my mother to cancer a decade ago), I decided I would regret if I died never having pursued this passion in a way where I could serve others.



Why motherhood and maternity photography?

In 2019, my daughter decided to make her entrance in this world 12 weeks early when I was just 28 weeks pregnant. Fortunately, we now have a healthy, fiercely independent and determined toddler. =)

However, our babymoon was cancelled along with a maternity shoot because I was on strict hospital bedrest. After she was born, she spent a few months in the NICU, so newborn photos were also out of the question. Instead, I took a million photos of her on my phone (that all look just ever so slightly different) in poor hospital lighting that I will NEVER delete. Photos are invaluable. However, like most moms, I was usually the one behind the camera taking the photos.



On this journey of motherhood. I found so much beauty, strength, and community in fellow mothers, and I was amazed at their and my own resilience and feminine power.

Having struggled with both infertility and birth trauma, I have a very deep appreciation for the miracle that pregnancy is, and the joys and struggles of motherhood. I want to give other mothers the experience that I never got to have. So that for once, they are in front rather than behind the camera.

To me, motherhood photography is more than capturing a pretty photo. It's the experience of connecting with other mothers, hearing the stories that give them their strength and humanity, and seeing a mere glimpse of their unconditional love for the life they created. I want to empower women to feel proud and confident rather than ashamed of their changing bodies. I can't wait to meet you, fellow mama. 


- Client Karen H.. June 2022

I really enjoyed my maternity session with Erika. I felt at ease, relaxed and happy - much thanks to Erika’s professionalism, patience, kindness and attention to detail throughout the shoot. She prompted me more than once to confirm I was comfortable with certain poses, ensured I had privacy, ensured I was feeling great in my skin and wardrobe - there was a never a moment of uncomfortableness and there’s something to be said for a photographer that can transfer that feeling to her clients! The studio was also very airy and clean.

- Client H. H., June 2022

"Erika has a kind and easy energy, that makes it easy to feel comfortable. It felt so special to honor my incredible body in this special moment in time.

I get so nervous when the camera is on me and super awkward. Erika helped to add gentle words and nudges to help me relax and be a bit more natural. In addition, as a really busty, plus size woman, I wasn’t sure if and how her offerings may work or fit. She had stunning choices to pick from that truly highlighted my beautiful curves."

-Client Jordan A., June 2022.

Erika was so kind and welcoming during my maternity shoot. It was my first time being in front of the camera and despite my nerves, she made me feel comfortable and beautiful about the whole experience. Would definitely recommend her to other Mamas-to-be!

-Client Sophia D., June 2022

I went in for a maternity shoot with Erika in my 8th month of pregnancy. I appreciated how organized she was and everything from the first time we had contact, to the session, to after was very well thought through. 

In person, at the session, Erika was warm and thoughtful and instantly made me feel comfortable. I could tell she had put thought into her photography space, the costumes and the props. She also experimented with various set ups and poses that worked for my huge bump at the time. 

Erika got to know me as a person vs a client and I could relate to her own story as a mom. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting not just maternity pictures but a warm experience while doing that. 

- Client Nadia G., June 2022.

Erika was an amazing photographer. She made me feel comfortable and at ease during my maternity photoshoot especially since I chose to take semi-nude pics. She also has a great eye for light, neutral colors, poses and garments for enhancement. She has a natural approach to photography. I also appreciated that she worked with my natural beauty. I would hire her again and recommend her 150%!


Our spacious and airy, natural light studio sits atop a hill in the University Mound neighborhood of San Francisco with expansive views of the city. Recently remodeled in June 2022 with brand new flooring, newly painted walls, updated hardware and modern interior decor curated by Erika. There are three main areas in our studio: a large dressing room, a staged California-coastal style bedroom for lifestyle shots, and a main great room with studio backdrops. Enjoy the privacy of your own dressing room as well as snacks and drinks to keep you and baby/family nourished.


  Client Wardrobe >>

Every client has access to a client wardrobe of carefully curated on-brand, size-inclusive  dresses, tops, bottoms and undergarments. You will also receive a style guide and phone consultation prior to your shoot in case you'd like guidance on bringing your own attire.

Our minimalist approach of elevated staples and neutral colors will ensure your photos will be timeless, rather than dated, long after your children and grandchildren are grown.   


When my mother gave birth to me in the mid-80's, maternity photos weren't as popular, and probably didn't feature a woman's bare belly. In fact, I didn't have many pictures with her as a newborn either. I had plenty with my dad because she was probably the one behind the camera.

After she passed away from cancer when I was 28, photos were all I had left of her, and I would give anything to have those photos of her pregnant with me so I could feel connected to her again - to imagine and feel what she must've felt when I carried her first grandchild that she would never get the chance to meet.

Yes, professional photos are a want, not a need, but it's one of the few items that only increase with value over time and are irreplaceable; because for some, you may never experience this time again. It's the one gift that generations after you will continue to value and cherish. You also deserve to be celebrated and be in front of the camera rather than behind. My clients have used their photos for baby shower invitations, birthday parties, displayed prints at baby showers, and framed them in-home for their families to look back fondly on.


  Digital Photo Packages >>

Session fees are $350 for a 1.5 hour long session with just the mother. Family members can be added for an additional charge. Digital photos are NOT included in the session fee and are purchased separately after seeing your photos. This way, you only pay for the photos you truly love! 

This session fees covers my photography expertise, studio rental, pre-shoot video consultations and PDF style guides, access to the client wardrobe, photo props/furniture, photography gear, and all other operating costs of running a business.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve your session date and time, and will be applied towards the total session fee. 





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Digital high-resolution photo packages are purchased separately after your session. To help with your decision of choosing a package, you will receive a slideshow of 40-60 of your photos 2-4 weeks after your session date.

Please inquire about the rates for photo packages. This cost includes 4+ hours of editing and retouching post-session, high resolution digital downloads, $100+ in print credit, online photo gallery storage, and the option to purchase high quality print products shipped directly to you by reputable and professional print labs that I have personally vetted.